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#1255 Folder name with a leading or following space Alexander Schuch inglass

I am using version 2.2.31 It is possible to create a foldername with a leading or following space (ASCII character 0x20), but afterward all other commands do not work with it. Here a log of the operation.

Command: CWD /hrs_italy/From_HRS_NA/ Response: 250 CWD command successful Command: MKD New folder Response: 257 "/hrs_italy/From_HRS_NA/New folder " - Directory successfully created Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: CWD New folder Response: 550 New folder: No such file or directory Error: Could not retrieve directory listing Command: PWD Response: 257 "/hrs_italy/From_HRS_NA" is current directory. Command: CWD New folder Response: 550 New folder: No such file or directory

#1258 Transfer queue window Alexander Schuch sanshobo

I noticed a display problem, very minor, in the transfer queue window. When there is a file transfer in process, there is a line a few pixels high not being refreshed correctly. It reflects whatever was behind FileZilla at that moment. However it is only seen when a file transfer is occurring. The queue windows redraws correctly when there isn't a file transfer. I notice this since my FTP's can run for hours.

#1272 HTTP Proxy authentication Base64 extra = Alexander Schuch bqx22

When logging to my HTTP Proxy Filezilla send Base64 encoded user:pass with an extra '=' character at the end. This is not supported by my company proxy and doesn't seem to be required by base64 standard.

here is a sample of what is sent by firefox and what is sent by filezilla

firefox: Proxy-Authorization: Basic xmVdaXNyOnNUdi0wGmNxanZk

filezilla: Authorization: Basic xmVdaXNyOnNUdi0wGmNxanZk= Proxy-Authorization: Basic xmVdaXNyOnNUdi0wGmNxanZk=

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