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#1248 Renaming file during upload renames wrong file Alexander Schuch jefwic


Let's say you have file a.php, b.php and c.php. You upload a new copy of a.php to a server. If you rename c.php to c2.php while the upload is waiting to begin (or possibly taking place), b.php (the file above it) will get rename to c2.php instead once the transfer completes. c.php will still exist.

Great program, keep up the great work!

Regards, Jeff Wickenheiser

#1255 Folder name with a leading or following space Alexander Schuch inglass

I am using version 2.2.31 It is possible to create a foldername with a leading or following space (ASCII character 0x20), but afterward all other commands do not work with it. Here a log of the operation.

Command: CWD /hrs_italy/From_HRS_NA/ Response: 250 CWD command successful Command: MKD New folder Response: 257 "/hrs_italy/From_HRS_NA/New folder " - Directory successfully created Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: CWD New folder Response: 550 New folder: No such file or directory Error: Could not retrieve directory listing Command: PWD Response: 257 "/hrs_italy/From_HRS_NA" is current directory. Command: CWD New folder Response: 550 New folder: No such file or directory

#1258 Transfer queue window Alexander Schuch sanshobo

I noticed a display problem, very minor, in the transfer queue window. When there is a file transfer in process, there is a line a few pixels high not being refreshed correctly. It reflects whatever was behind FileZilla at that moment. However it is only seen when a file transfer is occurring. The queue windows redraws correctly when there isn't a file transfer. I notice this since my FTP's can run for hours.

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