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#9246 outdated time/datestamp showing 00 for seconds on all files Giovanni Mazza

Remote FTP site shows 00 seconds on the time stamp even though the file actually have second information. Attached is a sample of the local file side by side with the same file in the remote ftp site. The local file shows the seconds and the remote file shows 00. Those 2 files are the identical the file was download from the FTP site using another FTP client and put in the local folder. No matter which file you see all files last modified shows 00 seconds.

#1309 time zone offset not > + / -12 hours cdohrman

Hi team,

it must be a bit the ignorance of those who think they are in the center of the world and timezones (and their offset) are a term of the old World.

Here the bug (at least I would call a it a functional misconception):

the 'new' version 3.0.1 does not allow a 'server timezone offset' of > +/- 12 hours. This is a a functional mistake.

I'm living in Singapore, TZ is GMT +8 My server is in US, TZ GMT -6

means, I have to adjust the server time by plus 14 hours. The other way around it would be an offset of -14 hours.

In FZ version 2.2.31 this was not an issue and it was possible to adjust the TZ by +/-24 hours what is correct. Now, in the new version it is not working and if I try to reset the serve timezone offset to greater than 12 hours it is ignoring my entry and is keeping the last entry.

Interestingly, the pull down menu offers numbers from -24 to + 24.

Wondering which hard working freshmeat was thinking the world has only +/- 12 hours time zones so it must have also only +/- 12 time zone differences.


Carsten from sunny Singapore

#9428 duplicate time shift when send/receive files from remote server me Albert

Internet plans (like mine) have sometimes different capacities in different hours of the day and night. Would it be possible to set the time to start for downloading/sending files from/to remote server at a certain time? For instance, I have a limit of my LTE connection for 35 GB a month plus another 50 GB between 1 a.m. to 7.a.m. As a journalist and a photographer I have to send pretty big graphic files to my editor, so with my internet plan it would be more convenience to set a time shift in sending these files during the night time.... Best regards, Wojciech Adam Jurzyk (Albert) w.a.jurzyk@…

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