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#12934 fixed Issue in Windows-Installer V1.7.2 Alexander Süß

Hello, there is a "major" bug in the Windows-Exe as describes as followed: We usally roll out updates while using the /S switch, which worked until 1.6.1 fine.

But V1.7.2 has the issue to REMOVE the service so that the ftp-Server dowes not run any longer! While manuelly running the setup the service is recreated fine again.

This might not be as wanted ;-)


Dear Sir,

i have heard that file zila is a very good solution for ftp. i have download the server but i dont understand how to install and how to configure the same, i would appreciate if you can tell me the guidelines of installation and configuration. I have also tried to download the documents from the site but i am unable to find it. i have installed the same but i need more help in config.

your prompt reply will by highly appreciated.

Regards, Abbas

#4346 outdated Multi-level directories and files upload problem AcidSlide

I have been uploading files which has more than 7,400+ files and 2,200+ directories for the past 2 days to our web hosting. I have tried the upload a dozen of times every time clearing the files again on the server to make sure that it will re-upload everything.

The problem encountered is after checking the files, there are a lot of missing files on the server especially if its in the 2nd or 3rd level directory although files on lower directories are complete (well it looks like its complete).

After a couple of re-tries (deleting and re-uploading the files), I checked the list of "Successful Transfer" and the missing files was not in the list. Note, there are no failed transfers.

After this, I re-queued the files by dragging the files again to the Queue list. Making sure the files that I noticed are missing is in the queue list. This time, I didn't delete the files in the server but selected the "Skip" option for the existing files.

It was able to upload some of the missing files, but after running the web application there are still lots of missing files.

This is getting tiring. Its not possible to check every 7,400+ files to see if they are all uploaded. Just checking them will take days which will hamper our productivity. Actually it already hampered our development and productivity since I have been trying to upload our web app since yesterday.

I know this was working prior to updating to the current version (

OS is Windows XP with SP3

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