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#1317 MFMT + LIST problem zirya

If server clock is a little bit ahead client's one during the synchronization with MFMT command, than these lines will cause no time shown in the following LIST command reply, because t1 > t2.

if (t1 > t2
(t2-t1) > ((_int64)1000000*60*60*24*350))

pResult->len += sprintf(pResult->buffer + pResult->len, " %d ", sFileTime.wYear);


pResult->len += sprintf(pResult->buffer + pResult->len, "%02d:%02d ", sFileTime.wHour, sFileTime.wMinute);

The question is, what are these lines for? Isn't it easier to show both year and time always?

#11997 invalid Pipelining readdir requests Razvan Dumitru

Something seems strange with the way the client is handling responses to readdir requests.

I just finished support to handle this kind of client behavior in a SFTP server I am working on but FileZilla does not seem to handle the replies correctly, complaining about wrong request id.

Interaction log looks like this:

(FileZilla) ID:256 SSH_FXP_OPENDIR. (Server) ID:256 SSH_FXP_HANDLE. (FileZilla) ID:256 SSH_FXP_READDIR. (FileZilla) ID:257 SSH_FXP_READDIR. (FileZilla) ID:258 SSH_FXP_READDIR. (FileZilla) ID:259 SSH_FXP_READDIR. (Server) ID:256 SSH_FXP_NAME count:5. (FileZilla) ID:256 SSH_FXP_READDIR. (Server) ID:257 SSH_FXP_STATUS errnum:1. (Server) ID:258 SSH_FXP_STATUS errnum:1. (Server) ID:259 SSH_FXP_STATUS errnum:1. (Server) ID:256 SSH_FXP_STATUS errnum:1.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious here but looking at the order of sequence ids send by the client and the order in which the server sends its responses, the listing should end successfully.

The server is closed source so I'm unable to share code or make it available for testing.

#11563 worksforme .htaccess file Zimny's Brain

Can save save/transver all files from your client to the server except .taccess files never have this issues before and using you from years.... is your quality and support will change in microsoft?

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