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#4410 fixed Crash changing size of size-column in transfer list myth

Hi, Filezilla (version from ubuntu repo's) crashes when i try to change the size of the (file)size column...

Maybe it's fixed in newer versions?

greetings and many thx for your great work MyTh

#4417 fixed Site Manager already open Mark

I have users on an Open Directory, their home folder is located on a remote Xsan so they can move to different machines and hold their settings, when opening Filezilla they can use everything except Site Manager. When clicking on site manager the Error pops up: Site Manager already open

The Site Manager is apened in another instance of FileZilla 3. Do you want to continue? Any changes made in the Site Manager won't be saved then. and "NO" and "YES" buttons. Yes opens the Site manager but nothing will save. I have looked at the settings and the .Filezilla folder is on the remote server instead of locally on the machine. Is there anyway to point the folder? or a fix for this issue? I am able to go to the sitemanager.xml on the server and put info in the xml it will appear in the site manager but it will not accept any new connections, and i have users who are always updating settings.

#4424 fixed Recursive file/directory comparison In_Xanity

This may be several feature requests, but it is all related, so let's start with one ticket. If the reviewing authority deems it necessary to file separate tickets, I will happily comply.

I would like to see directory comparison and synchronized browsing combined into a routine which, upon invocation, would programmatically and thoroughly browse parallel directory structures on the local and remote sites compiling a list of differences for the entire structure. Direct comparison of directory dates would be abandoned, as directory dates are not preserved through FTP and the results can be misleading. Instead, highlighting of directories would be based upon comparison of the contents of the directories. Furthermore, directory highlighting would be carried up the directory structure, so that differences deep within the structure would be indicated to the user browsing at higher levels.

In conjunction with this feature, the existing directory listing filters could be extended to the recursive comparison routine, such that the user could customize the actions of the recursive comparison to ignore certain file types, directory names, etc., as the user sees fit. Theoretically, the current filter system could serve this purpose as any matches to the filters would be ignored. However, I would prefer to be able to choose to still view files and folders which I deem unnecessary to compare. To this end, the "Edit Filters" dialog could have the option associated with each filter to apply that filter only to comparison, or to both comparison and viewing (application to viewing but not comparison being pointless.)

Finally, the settings of all of these features could be saved on a per-site basis through the site manager, such that the user could assign custom filter sets to each site and automatically invoke these filter sets and/or recursive comparison upon connection to the site.

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