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#1156 Remote window wrong Alexander Schuch gr-schultz

Version 2.2.26a on Win XP Pro SP2 connecting to Solaris 9 via SFTP

When I connect to different sites toggles the remote window during download to the content of the previous site (looks like cached). To get the original content I need to reload the remote window.

e.g. 1st site --> remote window: ABC download ABC 2nd site --> remote window: XYZ download XYZ, remote window displays ABC.

I can only use SFTP, hence not tested with "normal" FTP.

#1164 FileType displayed incorrectly for VMS Alexander Schuch gremlins

Connecting to a VMS server, the FileType for a jpg is shown as jpg;1 File

This is a concatenation of the file type and file version number. If there is more than one version of the same file, the FileType is shown as jpg;2 File, or jpg;3 File etc. This applies to all file types other than directories.

#1168 fixed openssh banners not displayed Alexander Schuch hirschma

Login Banners displayed by the openssh sftp-server are not displayed in the Filezilla client.

From my sshd_config:

Banner /etc/ssh/sshd-banner

The referenced banner displays when ssh'ing into the server, and when using the sftp command from console as well. Filezilla, however, seems to strip such banners out.

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