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#7775 outdated too many connections mjreine

my web host, supports 6 concurrent connections. Ive tried filezilla and like it but one thing is making me switch to smartftp...

Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Response: 421 Too many connections (8) from this IP Error: Could not connect to server

Even though I set under settings - transfer max simultaneous transfers to 4, somehow it keeps going OVER this hard limit.

And my web host then blocks me out for about a half hour. Other ftp apps this isnt a problem. I would say this is a showstopper.

Please fix this asap.


#3653 toggle transfer queue doesn't work properly johnsmith5

I'm using win xp sp2, filezilla

If I turn off queue processing then add a folder to the queue, the queue begins to process. When I then turn it off again, once a subfolder is encountered the queue again begins to process.

If I turn off queue processing it should stay off until I turn it on again, this is a bug. This was also a problem with the previous version.

The reason I want to turn off queue processing is so that I can remove files or directories from the queue that I don't want to be processed.

Filezilla is otherwise excellent software, keep up the good work.


#2722 duplicate toggle local site window off azure1

Now that we can drag files directly from our drives/desktop into the remote site window, it would be nice if we did not have to display the "local site" window. Local site has become unnecessary clutter. (at least for some of us)

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