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#11927 rejected Use more memory to reduce drive load Ambiwlans

Currently when I am uploading a large file, FZ server seems to spin up the drive, load one chunk/packet into memory, close the file, upload the file and then repeat. It does this a 2~3 times a second until the file is finished uploading (perhaps several hours later). This is a waste of power and needlessly wears the drive (in the case of a physical drive).

I would love if you could buffer significantly more (many megabytes) into memory to avoid this.

But... obviously pretty low priority given that it sounds difficult to code for the amount of visible payoff. Think of it as helping the environment? For my case use alone it could allow at least one drive to be turned off/spun down several more hours a day.

#11924 rejected Windows 7 System Tray Bug nydude

After a transfer has completed, the filezilla icon appears in the Windows 7 System Tray and displays a bubble indicating the transfers have completed. After you exit the application, the icon still remains visible in the system tray. To get rid of it, you need to mouse over it.

#11922 worksforme Issues loading directories in Filezilla Pro 3.42.1 mac Denis

when trying to open any other directory other than desktop in filezilla pro for mac version 3.42.1.

when trying to load something like the download folder i can't even see anything in my parent folder. i have tried to locate the folder my manually typing in /Users/*NAME*/Download/ or /Users/cadetbester/Music/ both of which do not show the files that should be there.

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