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#4393 fixed Not all sites connect trace7r

After update from FileZilla 3.2.3 to FileZilla there are some connections who don't work anymore, downgrading to 3.2.3 again doesn't make a difference anymore it's also bad... The version before 3.2.3 also had the same problem. So the upgrade to 3.2.3 was very welcome cause I really need the not connected sites... Gives the errors Connection lost ; Can not connect to server. A little second notification of me is that you used new icon's in 3.2.3, they are changed into the old ones if updating to

Greetings, Trace7r.

#4406 fixed Bookmarks - Use synchronized browsing checkbox Mike

The Use synchronized browsing checkbox doesn't appear to be bound to anything. Synchronized browsing works appropriately for new bookmarks by setting it in the dialog, but changing it for existing bookmarks doesn't seem to have an effect, and it always appears unchecked even if the bookmark was created with it and it works. I'm using v3.2.3.1 of the win32 zip package from SourceForge.

#4409 fixed Progress Bar on "Check for updates window" bleeds off the right edge of the window. Refik Telhan

When I use the "Checkfor updates.." function on the "Help" menu on the FileZilla Client v (it was the same with the previous versions) the progress bar and the text below, runs off the right edge off the window. The the blue progress indicator works as expected for some time but it then hits the right edge. The text below indicates that the download is still going on. It seems that the progress bar and the text below is out of scale by a factor of 2. It needs to be reduced to half of its current width.

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