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#1119 Sorting local site tree view Alexander Schuch chda

Local site tree view is not sorted in 2.24b

#1125 Adding log files to remote server Alexander Schuch rbrown1956

It is adding remote files to the remote server. Like this...


I can't delete or rename them.

I have the logging turned of in the setting panel. Using xp sp2 to a linux kernel ver. 2.6.9-22.ELsmp with cpanel build 10.8.2-STABLE 120

Looked for this problem elsewhere couldn't find any thing on this...


#1133 FTP to fails consistently for large files Alexander Schuch pombredanne

I am having that persistent problem with large file updaloads to File Release System. I have had it for ever, including on the current latest release 2.2.25 It happens consistently for files that are above ~150MB, regardless of the connection I have (I tried it with ADSL, SDSL, Cable and T1) and the machine I use (typically winxp pro or home).

A queue ends up with a critical transfer error :-\ No problems with smaller files. And no problem when I use a command line FTP client on a mac. I use the deafults settinsg and a single connection for upload, with nothing else running on the machine at that time. A typical log looks like that. And note that the file DID NOT exists before the updalod in the FRS .

16:56:13] Status: Connecting to ... [16:56:13] Status: Connected with Waiting for welcome message... [16:56:13] Response: 220- [16:56:14] Response: 220- FTP server - San Jose ( [16:56:14] Response: 220- Additional access is at [16:56:14] Response: 220- Mirrors, try 'rsync' [16:56:14] Response: 220- [16:56:14] Response: 220- Got a fat pipe and something to prove? Host a SourceForge download [16:56:14] Response: 220- server! Email ftpadmin@… for opportunities. [16:56:14] Response: 220- [16:56:14] Response: 220- On This Site: [16:56:14] Response: 220- /incoming Project File Upload

[16:56:14] Response: 220- * [16:56:14] Response: 220 [16:56:14] Command: USER anonymous [16:56:15] Response: 331 Please specify the password. [16:56:15] Command: PASS [16:56:15] Response: 230 Login successful. [16:56:15] Command: SYST [16:56:16] Response: 215 UNIX Type: L8 [16:56:16] Command: FEAT [16:56:16] Response: 211-Features: [16:56:16] Response: EPRT [16:56:16] Response: EPSV [16:56:16] Response: MDTM [16:56:16] Response: PASV [16:56:16] Response: REST STREAM [16:56:16] Response: SIZE [16:56:16] Response: TVFS [16:56:16] Response: 211 End [16:56:16] Status: Connected [16:56:16] Status: Starting upload of D:\e\plugin-releases\easyeclipse-desktop-java-1.2.0.tar.gz [16:56:16] Command: PWD [16:56:17] Response: 257 "/" [16:56:17] Command: CWD /incoming/ [16:56:17] Response: 250 Directory successfully changed. [16:56:17] Command: PWD [16:56:17] Response: 257 "/incoming" [16:56:17] Command: TYPE A [16:56:17] Response: 200 Switching to ASCII mode. [16:56:17] Command: PASV [16:56:18] Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (66,35,250,221,233,53) [16:56:18] Command: LIST [16:56:18] Response: 150 Here comes the directory listing. [16:56:18] Response: 226 Transfer done (but failed to open directory). [16:56:18] Command: TYPE I [16:56:19] Response: 200 Switching to Binary mode. [16:56:19] Command: PASV [16:56:19] Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (66,35,250,221,230,167) [16:56:19] Command: STOR easyeclipse-desktop-java-1.2.0.tar.gz [16:56:19] Response: 553 Could not create file. [16:56:19] Error: Upload failed [16:56:50] Status: Disconnected from server

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