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#202 Filesize truncation anonymous

A 1.9 MB file is listed as 1MB in local or remote file views when "Filesize format in details style" is set to Auto or MB.

Perhaps filesize should be rounded and carried to at least one decimal place?

#203 Transfer queue heading: painting problem magra

The header control for the transfer queue list view sometimes fails to paint correctly. To reproduce:

  1. Start filezilla (no items in queue)
  2. Dismiss site manager dialog
  3. Maximize application
  4. ALT+TAB to another application which is not

maximized (alternatively do start->run and run CALC).

  1. ALT+TAB back to filezilla.

When I do this I see that the header control disappears either totally or partially. If you put the second application so that it covers part of the header control then alt-tab back to filezilla I get the portion of the header control that was obscured repainted, but the rest remains blank. This does not appear to occur if something is in the list view.

Running Windows 2000, SP2.

#204 EPLF List format support missing anonymous

Please add support for EPLF formatting of LIST command output.

EPLF Specification:

Test site:

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