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#1082 File Zilla - strange mouse behaviour Alexander Schuch dr_prozac

Hi !

To repeat this little bug on your PC, please do the following:

  • go to Windows Control Panel
  • choose Mouse properties
  • enable the option responsible for moving mouse

pointer to the active item

  • then run File Zilla Client

You will see that the pointer moves somewhere to the right rapidly on startup. This bug is present from version 2.2.21 or sth like that (I don't remember but I am sure it was not present before)

Greets, Prozac

#1087 0 Mb Size Calculation Alexander Schuch Edward

I know it's petty, but it's hard to guage if my transfer went through correctly if it says that the file size is 0 Mb. Even as little as 10.24 Kb is still .01 Mb

I'd like to see Mb display in fractions thereof, rather than whole numbers and zeros. I'm submitting my petty request as a bug because the majority of my ASCii files show as 0 Mb. I've attached a screenshot to express the frustration.

#1106 Trunc space char if on name ending Alexander Schuch dabek

FileZilla 2.2.24a can't browse directories with space char on the name endig. For example if on the server there is a dir called 'aaaaa ' (' - this char is to show that in name ending is a space char') FileZilla sends to serwer 'CWD aaaaa' instead of 'CWD aaaaa '. Porobably this error is present on all versions.

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