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#2436 Synchronize folders option wilsoncpu

Provide a checkbox "Keep folder movement synchronized" If checked, any change-of-directory on one side would attempt to perform the same change on the other side.

Since users generally set up equivalent start points, this would mean they could easily ensure they were always in equivalent places in both windows, guarding against uploading or downloading the wrong version of a file. (Especially useful where filenames repeat, such as index.html or index.php, etc.)

#9748 fixed FileZilla No Information on Message Log Panel Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

I built FileZilla against wxWidgets 3.0.1, but i don't see any information displayed in the Message Log Panel

Here's my build parameter:


--prefix=/usr \ --libdir=/usr/lib64 \ --sysconfdir=/etc \ --localstatedir=/var \ --mandir=/usr/man \ --docdir=/usr/doc/filezilla- \ --disable-static \ --disable-manualupdatecheck \ --disable-autoupdatecheck \ --enable-locales \ --build=$ARCH-slackware-linux

Other info: Slackware 14.1 / current GCC 4.8.3 GTK+3-3.8.2 gnutls-3.2.15 sqlite-3.7.17

#2228 export - export all sitemanager file willyb

can't beleave there hasn't been a RFE for this... but can't find it.

Maybe there is, but not documentated... An export for all sitemanager entry's.... (and import ofcouse)...

When exporting now you only get the settings from filezilla, not all the websites-ftp'locations you've enterd.

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