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#1040 settings -- directory cache -- warning bad if no entry Alexander Schuch jgleicher

In the settings box, on the Directory Cache node of the tree, if you leave any of the boxes for the amout of time to cache a directory blank and then press okay to exit, you are presented with a warning, but it is impossible to discern what the warning is about since it is entirely blank. Leaving a field blank is a hard stop, and you cannot exit the settings editor unless you have a value in all of these boxes.

Suggestions: Default to 0 when nothing is entered. Display a warning message that details the problems.

#1045 having files selected and browsing w tree -> strange selecti Alexander Schuch per9000

If I have files selected in a folder and switch folder using the local treeview some other files get selected, I don't know if they are truly selected or of it is just a view thing.

(using filezilla v 2.2.19a on win xp prof.)


#1049 Typing remote site does not is accepted Alexander Schuch dkloster

The VxWorks ftp server has different root directories.

It can have C: or D: as a root directory. When I type

in D: (or D:\, or D:/, or D, or /D) in the remote site box, it does not navigate to the remote site. The default is C: and when I type in D:, the message log pane says that it is trying to navigate to /C:/D:/. So it seems like it prepends the current site to the typed in remote site.

One workaround that I found was right click in the message log pane and Enter Command. If I Enter Command CWD D:, and then double click .. (CDUP) in the Remote site pane, then D: is correctly shown. Once I have done this manual sequence, I can then type in C: or D: in the Remote Site box and correctly see the C: site or the D: site.

One other note: I tried typing C: or D: in the default remote directory in the advanced area of Site Manager and it had similar results (didn't not navigate to D:).

I have attached the text from the Message log pane, along with some comments I inserted.

Thanks you any help you could provide.

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