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#872 transfer errors Alexander Schuch edosoft


when uploading a file filezilla sometimes reports "transmission errors" like transmission error #1, #2 ans so on. (maybe its called a a bit different i use german translation) however, it uploads the file but when done the file _does not_ contain the data it should. i mean it contains mostly correct data but when uploading an exe file and downloading it again it wasnt executable anymore and comparing it to the original file with a hex editor shows some small differences...

hum i see it even has different sizes, the uploaded file is even bigger then the file on my disk...

if you need additinal info (i think so :D) feel free to email me (dominik@…)

#845 transfer error when having site open in right window Alexander Schuch vanuda

When having the remote site still open in the right window i occasionally gets "transfer error #xxx" trying again".

When closing the remote connection this problem dissapears and i do not get any more "transfer error". I.e. the transfer is errorfree.

This problem has existed as long as i have used filezilla both as server and as a client. ( aprox 6 months ) and duing this time i frequently have updated to latest versions on both sides.

Currently using client 2.2.12c and server 0.9.6a(beta). Both sides are using WinXP, Serverside is SP1 and client is SP2.

#3508 transfer error possibly related with 'special' filenames matti3

I transfered approximately 1000 files of which 24 failed. I have enabled debug output and requeued one file. see attachment for output.

Filezilla complains "file not found". I checked: the file certainly does exist. it contains special chars like (,),-

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