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#189 Remote File List does not show all files jsbisa

The remote file list does not show all files. The listing is showing all, but the largest file. I have attached the trace of the file list request and bolded the one file that is not showing up. You will notice that the group and filesize are running together. I figured that is what is causing the problem.

FileZilla Version 2.1a

The server I am connecting to is: $ uname -a SunOS xxxxxxxxx 5.6 Generic_105181-23 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-80

#190 Server does not accept wildcard filespec themmer

When given a wildcard file specification within the LIST or NLST command, the server responds with a "directory not found" message. This behaviour is regardless of which client I have tried.

#191 GSS Login fails with username no warning kirri

If you go to the site manager and connect to a site defined as 'use GSS' (* for example) it connects if you have Kerberos tickets, or gives you an "Are you sure you want to send password in the clear" dialog if you don't have tickets. However, if you have tickets and enter a different username to connect with, it just asks for your password with no 'no tickets' warning. Entering a password yields an Error: could not retrieve directory listing. It then remains connected and periodically gives a 530 Please log in with USER and PASS .

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