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#248 CAsyncSocketEx::IOCtl() returns wrong result mrdoubleyou

The return value of CAsyncSocketEx::IOCtl() should be inverted. CAsyncSocketEx::IOCtl() calls ioctlsocket() which returns 0 if success, and SOCKET_ERROR if not success.

CAsyncSocketEx::IOCtl() therefore should return TRUE if ioctlsocket() returns 0. This is not the case at the moment. This causes problems in WindowProc() of AsyncSocketEx.cpp when processing the FD_READ event.

A correct implementation of IOCtl() would be:

BOOL CAsyncSocketEx::IOCtl( long lCommand, DWORD* lpArgument ) {

return (SOCKET_ERROR != ioctlsocket

(m_SocketData.hSocket, lCommand, lpArgument)); }

#249 Server: TransferSocket::OnSend missing a byte mrdoubleyou

in case numsent < numread, the remainder of the buffer is copied to the beginning of the buffer. However, the code as it is, will miss one byte, due to the incorrect +1. This causes corrupt files on the receiving client. Isn't it possible to use memcpy? or is this a problem as the two ranges overlap?

else if (numsent<numread) { This should not happen, but handle it in case it happens

why shouldn't this happen? send() is not garantueed

to send the specified

number of bytes, so this might very well happen, as

it most certainly

does on the XBOX for (int i=0;i<(numread-numsent);i++) {

m_pBuffer[i]=m_pBuffer[i+numsent+1]; m_pBuffer[i]=m_pBuffer[i+numsent];




#250 Queue Processing does not respect retry settings anonymous

Using v2.1.3a:

Not using multiple connections.


  1. Connect to site
  2. Find directory to download
  3. Right click - "Download As"
  4. Enter another username/password and hit ok
  5. Select Process Queue

Expected Results: New connection attempt under entered username/password should proceed, if the connection is not made, the client should attempt to reconnect x number of times after waiting for y seconds, as specified in the settings dialogue.

Actual Results: New connection attempt under entered username/password.

If connection is not made reconnection is attempted

IMMEDIATELY. Very frustrating for ftp servers with auto-ban after x number of failed connections.

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