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#1031 Loops at 100% CPU after SFTP upload Alexander Schuch kxroberto

WinXP Home; latest version 2.2.18 (also with 2.2.16):

after I upload a file FileZilla always/reproducibly loops and comsumes 100%-x CPU . until exit.

( In 2.2.16 I also remember: Looping Filezilla process didn't stop even if I exited Filezilla GUI; but not 100% sure. )


#1038 Error with directories that have a space after the name Alexander Schuch rpgking

Filezilla cannot navigate into a directory that has a space after its name. For example, if a directory is called "Gross Margin "(notice the space at the end), Filezilla gives a "No such file or directory" error since it seems to parse the space out of the directory name.

#1039 Remote file list hangs after a while Alexander Schuch cbsourceforge

This bug may be identical to bug# 1338012, but since it is reported there for version 2.2.17 only I created this ticket.

In version 2.2.18 the remote file list hangs after a while (there is only the error "pling" sound, when a directory not listed before is clicked). When debug mode is switched on, the onscreen log shows

"SftpControlSocket.cpp(2596): OnReceive(0) Caller=0x003fd1a4" (or some other value)

looping forever. In this case the GUI does not react any longer, I have to kill Filezilla via the task manager. I checked the server's sshd_config for the entries named in bug# 1338012:

TCPKeepAlive yes ClientAliveInterval 60 ClientAliveCountMax 3

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