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#12500 rejected Cannot click "Always trust this certificate in future sessions" Lane Sharmane

Getting a certificate warning from a site I trust but the two check boxes at the bottom are not active. Cannot be clicked. This makes every access furnish the pop up which is very irritating!

#12498 rejected infected ? SchrottiGER

I have newest FZ I use FTP to manage Websites If I try connect to a Website FTP at I get a Trojan Message what is out-going see screenshot:

My PC is virus and trojan free (Malwarebytes prem buisness) So from where come a Trojan or is it a Bug again by FZ ? Need urgend a reply because I work here and cant work if these is not cleared or solved.

Thanks in advance Cheers

#12494 fixed Error "Could not get reply from fputtygen" while import RSA key generated using ssh-keygen Selva

Hi, In version 3.55.0, FileZilla Client on Mac throws error "Could not get reply from fputtygen" when it is trying to import an RSA key to generate the PPK formatted key. In older version, it is successfully importing the key and converting them to PPK format without this error. We are using FileZilla Pro.


  1. Generate an RSA key using command "ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "filezillaPPKconversionissue" -f temp"
  2. For password, provide any password like 'test'
  3. Open FileZilla 3.55.0 > File > Site Manager
  4. Protocol: SFTP
  5. host: enter host
  6. Logon type: Key file
  7. User: enter user
  8. Key file: select the private key generated "temp"
  9. FileZilla client will prompt to convert key to pPK format. click yes

10 enter key password and confirm

  1. enter filename for PPK file like 'testppk' and press SAVE in the file save dialog
  2. you will get error popup "Could not get reply from fputtygen"
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