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#1024 Processor usage when connection times out Alexander Schuch vtjballeng

I noticed this problem only when using Filezilla on a Windows XP64 machine, Nforce4 Pro, Dual Opteron. When connected with Filezilla I often transfer items and continue on to other tasks. After a period of time, my connection is automatically disconnected from the server. At some point when this happens and after I have used the connection for transferring files my dual processor usage will fly up to 60%+ (a rarity). I use sftp to connect to the remote server and I have not yet identified all of the specific conditions but it appears to continue to poll the processor with this thread until I kill that Filezilla thread.

#1029 cannot delete or rename directory with spaces Alexander Schuch ozzy-twc


say if, user decided to create a (silly) directory with spaces at the end.


MKD DIRECTORYHERE«invisible spaces» 257 "DIRECTORYHERE " created.

but if you try to rename or delete the directory you will encounter error because the command sent does not account for the spaces at the end. eg


however, sending manual command

RMD DIRECTORYHERE«enter same number of spaces the directory actual has»

results in successful removal or rename.

#1031 Loops at 100% CPU after SFTP upload Alexander Schuch kxroberto

WinXP Home; latest version 2.2.18 (also with 2.2.16):

after I upload a file FileZilla always/reproducibly loops and comsumes 100%-x CPU . until exit.

( In 2.2.16 I also remember: Looping Filezilla process didn't stop even if I exited Filezilla GUI; but not 100% sure. )


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