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#733 transfer queue increases every launch anonymous


i noticed the following bug till the recent 2.2.8d:

every time, filezilla ist launched _maximized_, the transfer queue is automatically increased a bit. if configured not to start maximized, that does not happen. my screen layout: local view with folders left, remote view right, transfer queue at bottom.

oh, and the bug has nothing to do with site manager on startup, if that helps...

best wishes,

fisherman fisherman@…

#1498 transfer queue didn't save server's UTF8 value tommywu

When exit FileZilla, save QueueItem, the server's UTF8 value didn't save to file, so next time, we won't know the server of the file is support UTF8 or not.

This patch will fix this problem.

#4488 rejected transfer process changed my blog title. Tia

After transferring files from wordpress version 2.6.3 to my host on May 6th at around 7:30 CST, the transfer jumbled the name of my blog. The correct name, which I double checked is entered correctly, should be After the file transfer it came out

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