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#3375 OpenVMS directory list error wmkaminski

Attempt to list login directory (or any other) generates invalid file reference. See below:

Command: LIST -a Response: 150 Opening data connection for DISK$USER:[000000]-a.*;* (,4775) Response: 550 file not found Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

The same using File Zilla 2.2.32:

Command: LIST Response: 150 Opening data connection for DISK$USER:[KAMINSKI]*.*;* (,4784) Response: 226 LIST Directory transfer complete. Status: Directory listing successful

The difference is obvious.

#9861 duplicate Don't touch APPDATA, let user to use this as a portable application developer wlclsl37

Please don't touch APPDATA! I use "FZ Server" like a portable apps.

FileZilla Server Interface.exe FileZilla Server Interface.xml FileZilla Server.exe FileZilla Server.xml

Your new version break it. If was already exist, then don't make a new folder/file to APPDATA. Please reconsider.

#3842 duplicate Transfer type icon in top icon row wjbell

I love Filezilla but the only thing I miss is a quick way to change transfer type. I'm constantly changing between ASCII and Binary and don't always trust the Auto setting.

Right now I need to go up to transfer > transfer type and select. I would be nice to have a right clickable icon with the selections right there or three separate buttons.

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