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#497 2.2.1a Localsite / Filename listings links2learning

When using Filezilla from a network PC, I can use the Mapped drives to locate files on different servers from the Localsite pane. The files appear in the lower Filename listing pane and can be uploaded. * When I use '
Server4\stfcs\MyWork\MyWeb\' to connect to another server the files appear in the lower pane and upload Ok but the Localsite pane does not show the network places. I believe this is called UNC paths. == This UNC path notation works inside Site Manager, and the advanced browse option correctly place the correct code in the Default Local Directory for a ftp profile. == Please come back to me if you need some testing...

#1078 2.2.23 won't execute after install tangles

Running Windows 98SE on a Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop.

I installed the latest version from the HEAnet (Ireland) mirror and ran it just like I do every other update to the program. I went to launch the program (both from the desktop shortcut, and from the actual EXE in the install directory) and it gave me a runtime error. sorry i don't have it in front of me... and I have since installed 2.2.22 on top of it - and the program runs fine now.

#1092 2.2.24a error with NT4 phelum

FileZilla 2.2.24a requests an unknown entry point in Shell32.dll on NT4sp6a.



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