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#4274 fixed Navigating to drive list through .. filelist item ANTONIO FILGUEIRA OLIVEIRA JUNIOR

I have 3 disk attached to my computer. In the old release I can press \.. until showme all disk of my computer. In this version I just go until the disk root of my local folder. Ex. I have a C, D and L Disk. My start local folder is in the C. So in this version when press \.. a just can go to C:\ in the last version when I pressed \.. I go to see C:\ D:\ or L:\ disk.

#4275 fixed Downloading files to wrong directories Martijn

I saw some older tickets about this issue, but never with a (working) solution.

When I checked my local hdd after downloading a big folder with images, I noticed that directories are all over the place. I can't figure out if the messing up is consequent.

I'm using active mode, but the wizard tells me everythings fine. I'm also using a filefilter to exclude thumbnails. When I add the dir to the queue, everything seems fine, trouble start when processing the queue (wrong folders are immediately created, while NOT listed in the queue before).

#4277 fixed cannot open files...associated program error blueviolin

I saw other users had this same problem on the PC....

I just downloaded 3.2.2 and now I get the error message: The file home.html cannot be opened. The associated program ('Applications/' <"home.html") could not be found. Please check your file type associations.

I've never had a problem with earlier versions. Can I delete this last update and download an earlier version? I have a deadline of TODAY to complete my website and this is the only way I have of editing...I don't want to have to switch to another editor, I've been using Filezilla for years and this is the first time I've had a problem. By the way, I get the same message no matter what type of extension is on it. Yet the program is there, I have my files associated properly, and if I download have no problem opening them up.

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