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#176 crash with big queue led83

tried to upload a 2GB queue and filezilla crashed.

filezilla 2.0.2 win 2000 athlon XP 1700+, 512MB RAM

#177 Links are not translated correctly psp_sf

Tested with FileZilla v2.0.2 on Windows 98 SE.

Links made to files are translated as being directories. That makes downloading impossible. This bug can be easily tested on the Gnome ftp server. Please try this link -> . FileZilla is unable to download any of the files. Actually I've tested this on many other FTP clients and the only capable of downloading the files was the standard windows ftp command line client (ftp.exe). :)

#178 Crash connecting to network drive 2.0.2 anonymous

Filezilla 2.0.2 treeview crashes when I try to access a network drive mapping. The following happens:

  1. The crash occurs when trying to access the drive

mapping through the local treeview.

  1. It looks as if the local tree view is trying to

refresh, but the program crashes.

  1. When I uncheck the treeview option in the view menu

to hide it, the program functions as normal.

  1. It also does not crash when broswing non network

drives (ie c:\ drive)

This happens on my little home network, with just 2 machines and 1 mapped drive, have not tested on any other type of network.

Hope this is helpful. Filezilla is great, keep up the good work.

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