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#1858 2 features from WS_FTP wanted bruce_t_white

Moving from WS_FTP, I like filezilla a lot. But I miss 2 features.

  1. Having a drop down history list of local directories. It

looks like this is almost there, since there is a similar list on the remote side. I find I'm ftp'ing from 2 or 3 local directories constantly, and it would be nice to not have to keep typing them in.

  1. I would prefer transfer arrows, rather than double-


Please accept praise for Editing a remote file: once I associate gvim with the file view/edit, editing just worked. Several other programs I tried said they did editing, but after bringing up the editor, the changes never got saved on the remote side.

FYI: I also tried the free AceFTP, which has these, as well as a bewildering combination of other unnecessary features. I did like the ability to have open FTP connections to two different machines, and switch with GUI tabs, but it kept crashing and was really just too complicated.

So while I campaign for my desired features, I do appreciate the basic simplicity and cleanliness of filezilla.

#93 2 probable bugs anonymous

The first, when I delete something in version 1.9 final, not the new 1.9.1 version (going to test this one now), the file would remain there, a refresh problem like in the prior version, except now it deals with deleting.

The second, when I try to upload a file it crashes the client, using windows 2000 pro, tried to upload a 1kb htaccess file in text format and it crashed, it's not really reproducable so I don't know the problem, so... and I am going to 1.9.1, will see if this one fixes it and the other.

#4948 fixed 2 tabs: 1 tab works, other won't upload Jim Michaels

this was using 3.3.0beta2.

  1. create 2 tabs with the same connection in each.
  2. go to 2nd tab and try to upload.

filezilla refuses to put anything in the queue.

fixed in 3.3.0rc1

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