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#10148 duplicate no file/folder permission (000) on the SSHD server (Windows 7 Pro) Chase

The latest Mac version client doesn't work. Examples of errors are shown below: Status: Starting upload of /Temp/testnew.C Status: Retrieving directory listing of "/D/Temp"... Status: Listing directory /D/Temp Command: put "/Temp/testnew.C" "testnew.C" Error: /D/Temp/testnew.C: open for write: bad message Error: File transfer failed

I'm running the server of WinSSHD 5.02 on Windows 7 Pro. After the connection is established, the files/folders retrieved from the server have permission 000 (hence not able to write anything to the server). It was working all fine before upgrading to the latest version of FZ client.

#3821 fixed download speed limit causes connection timeouts Chi-Yu

Since version 3.1.3, setting a download speedlimit of 100 KB/s causes endless connection timeouts.

As soon as I remove the limit, I get no timeouts at all.

#8245 rejected Unusual behavior of estimated remaining time during upload/download. Michael Banks

I am using v3.5.3-nightly: During upload/download I am getting a very strange bug, I will let the image speak for itself:

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