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#11215 fixed Add date and timestamp to message log Camelraderie

It would be a lot more useful if the message log entries were time and date stamped. I had an error occur, but I have little idea which entries in the message log relate to this, well of course the last ones, but how far up?

e.g. if I have been trying to get something copied but it's silently failing, how do I know if the message log entries even have entries relating to my issue?

Also if an issue has been occurring for about 5 minutes, then I know roughly which errors in the message log relate to this.

p.s. Thanks for your continued efforts, in the best FTP app for OSX! :-)

#9071 duplicate Copy File names Laura

Is there no way to copy a listing of the files in a directory to a text file or spreadsheet? There is frequently a need for me to manage, sort, compare and so on, files within my directories. I realize that they can be "clicked" and the filename copied one at a time, but that's really time consuming. I'm really surprised that there isn't such a feature. Especially since I've seen others asking for it.

#11121 wontfix FileZilla fails to create a file in Windows that was created on a Mac Caravaggio

Following error is displayed in FileZilla while download a file:

Error: Failed to open "X:\folder\file.ext" for writing Error: File transfer failed

The error is actually from Windows 10 because it cannot create the foreign character of the Mac computer.

So you should check the filename for Mac characters and either change the error message or prompt the user to automatically change the characters in the file so it can be downloaded.

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