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#977 Inconsistent authentication errors Alexander Schuch colinmillar

When connecting to a FreeBSD inbuilt ftpd (standard Berekeley release, version 6.00LS) using a password which was "29fr*2" (without the quote marks), FileZilla was unable to connect. This was when the connection was specified in the Site Manager.

However, entering the username and password in the format "user:pass@site" in the QuickConnect address bar did work.

I tried this a number of times, with version 2.2.17 and it happens every time.

#978 Tray Icon disapeares when explorer is closed Alexander Schuch colebantam

If the explorer.exe is closed and restarted, the tray icon is not comming back :-( Very anoying when an transfer is allready running..

Cincerelly, Claus

#981 Passwords with spaces Alexander Schuch c_wiedmann


i can not set a user password with a space at begin or end like " 123" or "456 " in "FileZilla Server version 0.9.10 beta"

A space in the middle like "123 456" is working.

Maybe you make something like a trim() on this values? I don't know if other values are also effected.

Best regards, Carsten Wiedmann

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