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#968 Filezilla resumes while OVERWRITE is selected Alexander Schuch largo1

Sometimes the client tries to resume instead of overwrite the destination (my pc). That produces an error "data is invalid" or produces a larger than the original file.

#971 Filezilla Hangs in SFTP+ClientAliveInterval Alexander Schuch seelie

SFTP using SSH2 works fine with the default (server-side) sshd_config setting, "ClientAliveInterval 0"

However, Filezilla is stuck in this infinite loop: "SftpControlSocket.cpp(2423): ResetOperation(1)" "SftpControlSocket.cpp(2596): OnReceive(0)" "SftpControlSocket.cpp(2596): OnReceive(0)" "SftpControlSocket.cpp(2596): OnReceive(0)" ... causing 100% CPU load, if you set: "ClientAliveInterval 15 (or any non-zero value)" --i.e. if sshd sends a message through the encrypted channel to request a response from the client--, and when (ClientAliveInterval * ClientAliveCountMax) seconds have passed.

Always reproducible on FileZilla 2.2.17 on my Windows 2000 Pro SP4.

This problem happens both for "KeepAlive yes/no" in sshd_config, but in my test, Filezilla does: SftpControlSocket.cpp(289): List(FALSE,0,"","",0) many times when KeepAlive no, while doing it only once when KeepAlive yes. (This pert may be unrelated to the above problem.)

debug.log ("Trace messages from the FTP engine") attached. This log was taken when sshd_config was: KeepAlive no ClientAliveInterval 15 ClientAliveCountMax 3 And the problem seems to have happened 45 seconds after the session becomes idle.

Quote from man sshd_config --- If ClientAliveInterval (above) is set to 15, and ClientAliveCountMax is left at the default, unresponsive ssh clients will be disconnected after approximately 45 seconds. ---

#972 remote tree window not saved Alexander Schuch doolyo

Each time I run Filezilla, the remote tree window is disabled. I have to click on the button to display it every time. It would be great if this would come up by default (both tree windows), and if those button states (window displayed or not) would be saved so that at next run it would come up like chosen previously.

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