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#4994 rejected Could not download files when name contains some characters Butter

When name contains polish character such as: ółęćż [I tested only such cases] I'm not able to download this file.[ sample name: Skóra.mp3]. I got enough privileges.

#9901 wontfix FileZilla gives erroneous failed message Ken

I have a very large file -- 320+MB -- and when I upload it to our FTP Side, after about 30-45 minutes, it ALWAYS ends on the Failed Transfers list with the reason "could not start transfer."

This error is (a) obviously erroneous as it just uploaded the file. I can verify this by first deleting the version on the site and then uploading a new version. When it's done uploading the new version is there; and (b) it didn't actually fail because if I download the file (which is a signed exe) it passes all integrity checks and its signature is still intact which it wouldn't be if it had failed.

If you'd like to grab the file to play with it's at:

#10838 rejected FileZilla client checks for updates, even with "Check for FileZilla updates automatically: Never" C-Base

v3.16.1 gives an update for, even with the "check for update"-setting disabled. I am often abroad on a mobile pay-per-byte connection, and both dialog and mobile data costs pretty annoying.

I am aware of the general rule to install the latest version and try again before reporting the bug, which would ofcourse ' ' ' solve ' ' ' the problem as in not showing that there's a newer version.

My config (relevant sections):

<Setting name="Update Check">0</Setting> <Setting name="Update Check Interval">7</Setting> <Setting name="Last automatic update check">2016-05-16 23:01:59</Setting> <Setting name="Update Check New Version">nightly 2016-05-09 7088584 sha512 4c0b208c0d37cf4c0e24bea9dde489c0a6485692b2bf13b770769b4d7c7213d05af9110319d6f9ab73cdbd105bb95d3eb3fe60e69bd01307077d8c7bb98d23f4

release 6513888 sha512 4d5e5d426af9dd689cb8c070d528c849719dc18544de194475bf3a0f5e35f8c9d449749fb2074a68292579b267ee2b23d1e2b31bae20d7185aa44061cca6981c (2016-05-09) ... I removed 'whatsnew' items for bug report brevity ... </Setting>

<Setting name="Update Check Check Beta">0</Setting>

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