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#4043 fixed Directory Count Wrong by 2 fastest963

This could be caused by the "." and ".." directories under linux.

In the log... 00:05:25 Response: 226 1706 matches total

In the program (under horizontal scrollbar)... 1704 directories

#4051 fixed Skin problem vichenze

I'm using version 3.1.2, which is the latest version available with Ubuntu 8.10.

I'm using the default skin of Ubuntu, and it's hard to use Filezilla because of the font color. There is almost no contrast, the font color is light beige, and the background is white. I haven't found anything in the options to change the skin of the font, just the skin of the icons.

Here a screenshot :

I hope it's clear enough.


#4052 fixed Date parsing in AIX with language set as icelandic wrong PB

Hi, When opening ftp on AIX servers that have LANG=is_IS the directory listing in filezilla gets messed up.

This is not a problem when sftp is used.

Attached is a file with examples for each month of the year

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