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#197 error can't reload queue item anonymous

I was using Filezilla to download an entire directory structure. The connection was too slow so I closed the program. An hour later I cam back and needed to use ftp again. I open FileZilla and I get a popup box that says "error can't reaload queue item". I click "OK" only to have the same message pop up again. I have to click this popup approximately 100 times before FileZilla will start again.

#198 Can't see files when connecting via SFTP anonymous

When I connect to a server via SFTP using SSH2 FileZilla connects and everything seems wonderful. But when the connection is done I can't see any files. Although the message log says "Response: Sucessfully received 29 items". I've posted the whole message log further down.

Sometimes I can upload files, but I can't see the file. I know the file is there because the FTP-account holds the files for a website (if I upload a picture I can download an view it via HTTP). I've tried to upload a file which doesn't already exist in the directory (not overwriting) I couldn't see the file when it was uploaded. But I could get it via HTTP and it was there when I browsed the server internally.

I'm using FileZilla 2.1.1 on WinME with a ISDN- connection to the internet. I know I have the permissions to do everything in my account (view, write etc).

Here's the whole message log from a test session when this problem occured:

Status: Connecting to ... Status: Connected with, initializing SFTP connection... Command: CONNECT eliasa@…:-26 Response: Remote working directory is /usr/home/eliasa Status: Connected Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: CD /usr/home/eliasa/public_html/ Response: Remote working directory is now /usr/home/eliasa/public_html Command: LIST Response: Listing directory /usr/home/eliasa/public_html Response: Sucessfully received 29 items Status: Directory listing successful

#199 Upload and download a file with 0 Kb anonymous

HI, filezilla it's great. Sometimes filezilla ask me to replace a file that was uploaded with 0 Kb with the original one (with more than one Kb). I'm using W98SE and up/down from a W2000 IIS5 server. Any suggestions?

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