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#5543 rejected Inserting code/ class="gibberish" CH

I downloaded the newest version and this problem started. It prompted me to try the newest version. I have my website through 000webhost.

When uploading an html file, something is adding class to each img and setting it to a string of about 20 letters of gibberish. The result is that nothing appears on the webpage except for the link to their webhost.

It appears to be random as it is not the same when I check back later -- meaning, this class is set to something different each time I view the code on the same file. The last time I looked the inserted code looks like: class=" iqsnceuzmqugrweoheju" It is the same on the other newly loaded files -- meaning, they also have class=" iqsnceuzmqugrweoheju" in the same place. If I check back later, it will be a different string of letters, but it will be the same on each of the 4 new uploaded html files.

It has not affected previous files. I've used firebug to view the code on previous uploads, and they are fine. It only seems to affect files that I have uploaded in the last day or so.

I ran a comprehensive scan with Norton, and there are no problems on my computer. I have also reported this to the webhost.

Here is one of the affected pages/files address:

#7466 fixed Edit filters "Rename" button doesn't save changes Nitin Kumar Gautam Daniel

When I click on the following:

View -> Filename filters... -> Edit filter rules... -> [name of filter] -> Rename, {type new name}, OK

it reverts back to the old name. Changing the name in "Filter name" does work, however.

#3763 invalid FTP Last modified date changes when downloaded CMedia

I am not sure if this is a bug or an oversight. But is it very annoying

Why is it that when you down load a file that the last modified date of the file changes? Surely this should remain the same date as the file itself.

Server UNIX cleint Windows XP

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