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#11934 rejected using self-signed certificate n8felton

Attempting to connect to is failing due to HSTS and the server using a self-signed certificate rather than a public CA or Let's Encrypt.

#4909 wontfix update to doesn't clean up hot-key shortcut Charles Brenner

Small bug, not devastating, but perhaps easy to fix --

I use a desktop icon and hot-key of Ctrl-Shift-Z (I know, odd choice, but I doubt the choice matters for this bug) to start FileZilla. When I updated to, the installer over-wrote my desktop icon with a new, clean one.

The new icon lacks the hot-key setting. That's fine, I don't mind setting it up again. But the old hot-key setting is STILL ACTIVE -- sitting in the registry I guess. So there is no easy way to get rid of it. I uninstalled FileZilla altogether, then re-installed. Hot-key remained.

It is possible to open the icon, then Properties, then Shortcut: and type a new shortcut hot-key combination. Then I have two of them. If I try to enter ctrl-sh-Z at that point (for documentation, or because of naively trying to re-establish the hot key setting), then instead, instances of FileZilla keep opening.

#4494 duplicate update on ticket #4492 Doug Tyger

I guess i should have mentioned that the navigation bars were being transfered to server and on webpages until i updated filezilla. Now they're not there. but i guess I'll have to find some other assistance. Thanks for nothing.

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