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#11875 rejected Possible virus Phil Goulson

Just downloaded/install 3.41.1 My virus checker found the following attached problem

#11873 rejected Filezilla can no longer connect to John Bond

I have used Filezilla in the past to ftp to's ftp site.I believe that the change in Mozilla ftp server prevents Filezilla from connecting to it now. I didn't put a wireshark packet trace on it but I can if needed to support this ticket. I'm not sure if the mozilla change makes this a feature request or just a bug.

#11870 fixed Version 3.41.0 unusably slow brusselsshrek

I upgraded today to 3.41 (64-bit windows) and it is unusably slow. I estimate it is at least 100 times slower than earlier versions. For example, I regularly need to replace a complete subdirectory tree on the server and it usually takes less than second or so. With 3.41 it was taking longer than 10 minutes and barely made an impact, I gave up.

I also see that I cannot just jump from one directory to another, since I now get warnings that a directory synchronisation is taking place.

I wasn't sure that it was Filezilla the problem (maybe a network issue or a million other things), so I downgraded to 3.40 and all was good again. I then tried to reinstall 3.41 and all was slow again. I have now gone back to 3.40 until this gets fixed.

I am a long time user and big fan of Filezilla.

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