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#11705 fixed --site-manager command line parameter switch doesn't seem to do anything Howard Brown

As of fileZilla version 3.35.2 the -s and --site-manager command line parameter switches do nothing when specified after the program path and name (out side of the ending double quote) in the properties box of a windows 10 desktop icon. I tried using -site-manager as well, but that gave me an unknown command message, but with either -s or --site-manager, no error message is displayed.

I expect that the -s and --site-manager switches should display the site manager dialog after fileZilla starts.

#947 fixed -s cmdline switch does not prompt for password runebjerke

The -s command line switch to load a stored session does not bring up the prompt for password if the session was saved with type "normal" and "don't save password"..... and fails to log in..

#1576 ... and a few more while I'm at it anonymous

Hello again,

Have been playing with the program a little more since the last message and would like to ask for the following:

  • choose a wav file to play when the program connects

to a site. Similarly, choose a sound to play for disconnecting and for completing an ftp session

  • I found an inconvenience: on the Site Manager,

pressing DEL will erase the currently selected site even if all you wanted to do was to delete a character when editing one of the fields. Deleting a site should only be executed if the site tree has focus

  • when connected to a site, the program's title bar

should display the name of the site instead of "FileZilla version xxx" (or at least have it somewhere on the title)

  • on the Site Manager again: new folders are sorted

aplhabetically, but they should appear at the top of the list, before individual site entries. Also, have an option to sort or not sort the entries

  • another thing there: when creating a new folder, it

is not possible to drag existing entries into it, so I have to manually copy them - not convenient really

Once again, thanks for this great program - I'll probably be back for more wishes...

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