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#3981 fixed Security Hole: rights escalation (ImagePath) George Shuklin

By default, filezilla server register as service:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\FileZilla Server\ImagePath = C:\Program Files\FileZilla Server\FileZilla Server.exe

but due windows .. a.. behavior, if name of ImagePath created without quotation (e.g. "C:\Program Files\FileZilla Server\FileZilla Server.exe"), first, c:\program.exe will be runned (if existed). By default windows XP, 2003 allows user (non-administrator) to create files in the root of "c:\". By putting program.exe file in c:\ user could escalate rights.

Solution: in the installation process, add an ImagePath with quotation.

#3992 fixed Filezilla considers a text file like a directory iccaro

Version: Filezilla cliente 3.1.5

Local operating system: Windows Xp SP2

Description: We have some text files named *.RAW in a server. When I open the directory where they are placed, Filezilla consider these files like directories. The icon corresponds to a directory. When I try to drag and drop a file (to get one of these files), I cannot do it. The log is the following:

Command: CWD file.RAW Response: 550 file.RAW: A parameter must be a directory. Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

If I make "double click" in one of these files (as I it was a directory) the response is the following:

Command: RETR file.RAW Response: 150 Opening data connection for file.RAW (768870 bytes). Response: 226 Transfer complete.

With other ftp clients it works.

Furthermore, we have other servers with this type of files, and they work properly.

#3999 fixed Site Manager: Sites List doesn't scroll during drag'n'drop bugreporter

It is not possible to drag a site from one folder to another folder if two of the folders are not viewable (need to scroll) because while we drag a site to the list edge, the scrollbar doesn't scroll with it.

I hope it explain it.

Try make two folders under My Sites root folder. Then make 10 or more sites in first folder. Try move a site from first folder to second folder. Don't collapse the folder, let it expanded.


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