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#130 Misses Long Filenames in OpenVMS Tim Kosse rickweatherly

Using FileZilla version 1.9.8. Filenames over approximately 17 characters long do not show up in the remote site window. Looking at the trace output of a List Directory, it appears that the data returned to Filezilla wraps everything after the filename (size, date, time, permissions) to the next line. For shorter filenames, it returns the information on a single line. Am attaching detailed tracefile that details the information.

#131 Server: "Could not get home dir!" rmeden

A while back I created an account. I'm not sure if anyone used it after it was created. Someone just tried to use it and got a "550 Could not get home dir!" error.

I tried deleting, recreating the home (only) directory. I tried setting the home directory (again). I shut down the server and restarted. Non of the above worked.

I deleted the FTP account that re-created it. That worked.

#132 Site Manager - Drag / Drop links2learning

Hi, there is a small problem with the drag and drop routine in the site manager section.

In site manager, display several open folders containing ftp sites so that they extend both above and below the viewing pane.

Now, try to drag and drop an item into a folder which is outsite the viewing pane. There is no scrolling.

There is no way to drag the item into the folder if it can not be seen.

Cheers, Clive

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