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#867 Upload freezed at 100% Alexander Schuch slowman

Version 2.2.13b During uploading a file and reach 100%. The queue is freezed at 100% and no response. The upload file size is 0 at server.

No such problem after fallback to 2.2.10

#871 log: scrolls to top Alexander Schuch edosoft

hi there,

the message log of filezilla doesn't autoscroll to the bottom but it always "autoscrolls" to the top when it is full, that means when items at the top must be deletet to clean up the list. problem can easily be solved by choosing "delete all" from the context menu. (dont worry about my english and the names of some menus, i use the german version :))

#872 transfer errors Alexander Schuch edosoft


when uploading a file filezilla sometimes reports "transmission errors" like transmission error #1, #2 ans so on. (maybe its called a a bit different i use german translation) however, it uploads the file but when done the file _does not_ contain the data it should. i mean it contains mostly correct data but when uploading an exe file and downloading it again it wasnt executable anymore and comparing it to the original file with a hex editor shows some small differences...

hum i see it even has different sizes, the uploaded file is even bigger then the file on my disk...

if you need additinal info (i think so :D) feel free to email me (dominik@…)

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