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#11154 rejected upload failed and folders are renamed above 2 uploads mddflanders

If you open more than 2 upload transfers simultaneously folder names are renamed and upload failes.

Tested and failed on OS X 10.9.5 and Windows 7 Pro, everytime with the latest stable build of FZ 3.24.0

Because the problem is not happening every time (maybe it differs with high and low network latency also) you can check it on an testaccount on my ftp server. Please write mail to get the credentials, server address and data for testing.

The problem is happening more often with 10 simultaneous transfers.

Thank you :)

#534 upload error with excutable files anonymous

If an executable file is uploaded, the uploaded file will be unexecutable on the server, with an error message "excution error".

Both the client and server systems are Microsoft NT4 SP6a The file servesr is OpenSHH for windows, access protocol is SFTP T he execution error is due to the file's security permissions:

Everyone Special access (RW) owner Special access (RWDPO)

If the permissions are changed e.g to "full control" the file will be executable. so it was uploaded correctly

FileZilla log file attached.

submitted by Ferenc Telbisz E-mail: telbisz@…

#835 upload Alexander Schuch ned5

When I upload an opened file (for example one Word Doc which is still open in MS Word editor) Filezilla can not finish operation asking me to overwrite existing file on server although is not existing on remote server and than after 5-10 sec hangs giving message that were to many tries. (I have version 2.2.9)

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