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#229 upload of file to an empty dir fails anonymous

Uploading of a file to a remote empty dir fails if the file exists in the remote dir's parent dir (ie. as a sibling to the remote dir).

For example:

When trying to upload local file c:\tmp\foo to remote

empty dir /tmp/test/foo, if the remote file /tmp/foo exists, then filezilla will think that file "foo" already exists on the remote host and will prompt if I wan to overwrite or not. If I skip, then it skips ok; but if I ask to overwrite (hoping it will writing into /tmp/test/foo, not into /tmp/foo), then filezilla will fail. It will display the contents of /tmp/test/ and will show status of "Too many retries".

Thanks in advance for fixing this bug. /Eric

#773 upload in ascii mode results in 16k truncation koenc

Hi there,

found a most annoying bug when uploading an asp file (in auto-ascii mode) to my hosting-provider. Any asp file larger than 16k seems to be truncated to 16k resulting in a corrupt file. The same for html-files which makes me believe it has something to do with ascii mode in general. Upload from command-line ftp (microsoft client) works just fine (in ascii mode) so it's not the ftp-server.

Im running v2.2.9 on Windows 2000

regards, Koen.

#684 upload failed with large directories W2K anonymous

When uploading your FTP V227c to your FTPServer with a large amount of directories anda large number of files, the function desynchronizes with a message "UPLOAD FAILED". Stopping the upload, disconnecting your FTP program and restarting doesn't help. CuteFTP does the work perfectly. So it must be FileZilla Small number of direcvtories with large amount of files are OK. ????

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