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#2683 wontfix public upload folder xpyr

I want the ability to have an upload folder that when someone attempts to list anything in their, it will show as empty. Even though their could be files and directories already their, it should not show up when a list is performed. The user should be able to upload to this folder as well but can't see that the file they upload. Here is an example:

/ Can see the list of files/directories in here including upload. /upload/ Can't list anything in here unless they know the name of it. But when they do try to list, it doesn't give the ftp client a permission denied message, just shows nothing. /upload/test/ Can see everything and any directories in it but can't upload anything.

I've tried setting files to be write and not read with no list permissions, and even just write and no list permissions can still can't accomplish what I want to do.

#1892 AUTH TLS Client support xplo

It'd be very nice if you could add support for the AUTH TLS feature to the FileZilla client. Seeing as you already have the OpenSSL built in and even AUTH SSL implemented most of the work seems already done.

#5671 worksforme Cannot download files with filenames that contains the chars " & « " XoK
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