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#171 (2.0.0a) site manager: export/import bug Alexander Schuch

There is a bug in the site manager! Following steps should reproduce the problem:

  • create a new site with 'SFTP using

SSH2' as server type

  • export with all details
  • clear list

import site manager list

Now the server type isn't 'SFTP using SSH2' as it should, instead it is 'FTP over SSL (implicit encryption)'.

#7918 outdated (Client) All transfers fail (Mac and PC) following upgrade today beth

An employee on Mac and I (PC) both upgraded this morning. Now all transfers fail. When trying to send a new file, it creates the instance of the file with a zero kb size on our remote server, then repeatedly tells you it already exists (apparently the zero kb version) and asks if you want to overwrite, repeatedly, without ever overwriting or allowing the transfer.

#2267 (Server) Admin Interface only Install mugendai

It would be nice if the NSIS script was modified to let the user only install the admin interface, instead of requiring install of the server. This is so you can install the admin on a different computer to do remote admin.

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