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#3916 fixed Thousands separator for bytes sent/received Slava

Just a simple suggestion.

Is it possible to add thousands separator for numbers of sent/received bytes in the file Progress field and in the Status Bar? So the numbers would look like 185,044,568 instead of 185044568.

Thank you for this excellent product!

#3922 fixed Regardless of the /S switch, the NSIS installer displays an error dialog box in case of error. deployguy

The silent installation mode is used for deployments to hundred or thousand machines with tools like SMS/SCCM, Tivoli, etc.

Example : FileZilla_3.1.5_win32-setup.exe /S /user=all

But currently when there is an installation error, the installation script displays a message box like "Unsupported operating system...", "Cannot install for all users...", etc.

The problem is that with this kind of deployment the user cannot even see the dialog box because the installation is made through the network in a "no-display" context, wether or not the user is logged on. So the installation process is stuck until the next reboot and the failure is not detected by the deployment tool.

I am not an NSIS expert but it seems that adding "/SD IDOK" or "/SD IDNO" to each "MessageBox" line in the installation script would fix the problem.

It would be nice also to always create an installation log file so that installation errors could be easily managed.


#3925 fixed Mismatching allocation and deallocation: CHttpControlSocket::m_pRecvBuffer dvice_null

In file: src/engine/httpcontrolsocket.cpp:922 You delete the pointer without [] characters

delete m_pRecvBuffer;

But on line 202 it is created with the [] m_pRecvBuffer = new char[m_recvBufferLen];

This is illegal in C++. If memory is allocated with [] it should be deleted with [] also. Please check and fix if I'm not mistaken.

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