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#9957 outdated Filezilla freezes in Ubuntu 14.10 Kenneth Rasmussen

In Ubuntu 14.10 if i connect to an ftp server and start renaming the files suddenly filezilla wont allow me to type anything. This bug dosent exist in Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit.

i use F2 to rename files and this is still possible to use. Also i can click in the name of a file and move the marker and mark text with the mouse, but i cant erase the names or type new text in the names. This happend very shortly after. If i connect to the ftp find a file and mark it for editing/renaming and go over in a browser or folder on my machine suddenly when i come back filezilla kinda freezes.. only thing to do is close filezilla and start it again and this happens everytime.. i cant even have filezilla open for 5 minutes and conencted..

Im running Ubuntu 64 bit and my local network is stable (Using lan cables and have transfer speeds on 100 MB/s (1000 Mbit)

I tried to debug filezilla, but the debug dosent catch anything related to what im doing.. (i will try to get some debug/logging that could be useful, but maby you just need to run Ubuntu 14.10 64 bit and rename files on your ftp.. when i enabled debug/logging it took longer time before it did freeze.

#10528 rejected Last Modified Date and Time Column Bob Grandi

We rely on the Last Modified Date and Time column. Currently the time stamp is hours off. I last modified a report at 7:54 AM and the time stamp shows 3:54 AM. In the settings menu under the Date/Time format section, both Date and Time formatting options are set to "Use System Defaults". My system date and time is accurate for my time zone.

#4168 outdated Cannot enter space when modifying name of file Bob Eisenberg

Filezilla Client 3.2.0

If I try to enter a space into the name of a file or folder in the window from the server that shows the most detail (its headers are Filename Filesize Filetype ....), the space is executed as an instruction and not entered as a space.

This occurs ONLY when I double click to edit the name. If I use rename, I can enter a space.

Various flavors of this error occur when I try to enter a space into a name elsewhere in the Filezilla window.

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