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#1633 upload problem oeil-de-nuit

I just testing FileZilla. I think it's a very good application for me. I need to upload from a PC to an Unix system. My problem is that file on Unix keep upper case. Is it possible to add an option to force lower case upload for the filename (like in ws-ftp).

Thank you

Jean Morlet

#229 upload of file to an empty dir fails anonymous

Uploading of a file to a remote empty dir fails if the file exists in the remote dir's parent dir (ie. as a sibling to the remote dir).

For example:

When trying to upload local file c:\tmp\foo to remote

empty dir /tmp/test/foo, if the remote file /tmp/foo exists, then filezilla will think that file "foo" already exists on the remote host and will prompt if I wan to overwrite or not. If I skip, then it skips ok; but if I ask to overwrite (hoping it will writing into /tmp/test/foo, not into /tmp/foo), then filezilla will fail. It will display the contents of /tmp/test/ and will show status of "Too many retries".

Thanks in advance for fixing this bug. /Eric

#773 upload in ascii mode results in 16k truncation koenc

Hi there,

found a most annoying bug when uploading an asp file (in auto-ascii mode) to my hosting-provider. Any asp file larger than 16k seems to be truncated to 16k resulting in a corrupt file. The same for html-files which makes me believe it has something to do with ascii mode in general. Upload from command-line ftp (microsoft client) works just fine (in ascii mode) so it's not the ftp-server.

Im running v2.2.9 on Windows 2000

regards, Koen.

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