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#841 documentation is not standards-compliant Alexander Schuch rickbeton

The documentation pages ( are good, but there are some problems. Cross-browser support would be improved by making the pages standards-compliant. Tools such as the Firefox Web Developer ( and Checky ( make this much easier to achieve.

A specific example of a problem is the folding menu: One fold will open but then not close. No other fold can then be opened (I am browsing using Firefox).

Another problem: the line if ( != 'menu') { self.location.href = 'index.htm'; } should be removed because it is malfunctioning.

#844 Failure to establish TLS connection behind NAT gateway Alexander Schuch peter_daum

FileZilla (2.2.12c) can't establish a TLS connection to a PureFTPd server (possibliy other servers, too?) when it (the FileZilla client) is sitting behind a NAT gateway. The problem already arises during the TLS connection negotiation (so this is _not_ a "classical" firewall issue with tracking the data connections!).

The conversation looks like this:

  • Client connects to server
  • Server responds with ready
  • Client sends "AUTH TLS"
  • Server responds with OK
  • Client sends some (scrambled) request
  • Server responds with (scrambled) response (obviously OK,

since there is no indication of any failure in the log)

  • Both parties wait for something that doesn't happen
  • ... eventually, FileZilla times out and starts all

over again The connection does not get to the point, where the TLS encryption for the control channel is succesfully established (this would show up in the log files)

Whe the FileZilla client has a "real" IP address, it can cooperate with the same server. Other clients (I tested "lftp") have no problem to establish the TLS connection through the NAT gateway.

Attached is a packet dump of the network traffic ( which due to the encryption is not really enlightening)

#845 transfer error when having site open in right window Alexander Schuch vanuda

When having the remote site still open in the right window i occasionally gets "transfer error #xxx" trying again".

When closing the remote connection this problem dissapears and i do not get any more "transfer error". I.e. the transfer is errorfree.

This problem has existed as long as i have used filezilla both as server and as a client. ( aprox 6 months ) and duing this time i frequently have updated to latest versions on both sides.

Currently using client 2.2.12c and server 0.9.6a(beta). Both sides are using WinXP, Serverside is SP1 and client is SP2.

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