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#13032 rejected FileZilla New Update Apple Silicon chip mhogue


This morning I noticed that my private key authentication, which used to work seamlessly, is now frequently timing out. When it doesn't time out, it's taking a very long time to successfully process actions such as directory changes or file updates. My initial thought is that this might be related to the notification in my FileZilla that a new version is available. However, there doesn't appear to be a valid version available for my operating system.

I already tried making new connections to my web server. When that didn't help, I quit and restarted FileZilla, which also didn't help.

#13028 fixed Data peer IP error which aborts the data connection - reproducible with AWS EC2 Ann-at-HREF

This error message came up for me today after upgrading to the latest FileZilla Server.

<Date/Time> Info [Type] Message <08-12-2023 07:15:38> FTP Session 3 (snip username) [Error] Data peer IP [172.xx.xx.xx] differs from control peer IP []: this shouldn't happen, aborting the data connection.

How to reproduce this error

You need two AWS EC2 machines which happen to be in the same region. Put FileZilla server on one of them. Put ncFtpPut client on the other one. ( Download the client from )

When ncFtpPut tries to connect, probably due to some AWS routing optimizations, it comes through using the private IPv4 of the client machine instead of using the public IPv4. This accounts for the difference.

Hope that helps.

#13027 worksforme Max 1000 items in a folder KDSRUS1981

Greetings! There is a situation that item tree folder in your FileZilla shows ONLY 1000 items. I need much more! Please, correct. My hosting company allaws to use 3000 it. in a folder!!!!

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