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#7875 duplicate Upper and lower case problems in FileZilla and OS X Big_Berny

I notices a huge bug in Filezilla 3.5.3 (and older) when using it on Mac OS X: If you edit two files with different capitalization FileZilla get's confused and in worst case it overwrites the wrong file.

  1. Create a Test.txt and a test.txt in different directories (A and B) on the server
  2. Write click on both files and chose "View/Edit".
  3. Edit Test.txt and save it.
  4. FileZilla notices the change and asks if it should upload test.txt in A and then it asks again if it should upload Test.txt in A. So afterwards you have a test.txt and a Test.txt in Folder A.

Unfortunately I can't reproduce how it overwrites the file but it clearly happens as my style.css and Style.css got messed up two times! And as you can see with the 4 steps I described there seems to be a problem somewhere.

AFAIK the problem doesn't occur in Windows!

#12600 fixed DIRECTORY LISTING BUG BlackRoot

I found a bug when I clicked on the free download filezilla client, after that I was directed to "", here it says "Not Found. The requested URL was not found on this server.". After that, I started to make changes to the url to "", here a directory listing bug appears from the index page "". Did this bug reporting help you?, if so, maybe you can give me some money. Please reply to this bug report via my email "agungashjr@…". Facebook "https". Instagram "". Thank you.

#5372 worksforme Public access to download files unrestricted Blair

Hi FileZilla Support, I have searched high and low and tried to figure out the settings on how I can make these changes as follows: We are a construction company that posts PDF files for numerous construction projects. I understand your software to create and post the documents. What I am struggling with is on the public domain side. We want our trades to go to the source FTP link and download the documents freely without asking for a username and password. Is there a way to do this. Your help is greatly appreciated in this problem we are having. Thank you in advance of solving this problem. Regards, Blair

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