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#11570 duplicate Selection of Multiple Files in FileZilla Bezian

When left mouse-click and dragging a marquee around multiple files the marquee "jumps" to the right cutting off the view of the file names on the left.

#7875 duplicate Upper and lower case problems in FileZilla and OS X Big_Berny

I notices a huge bug in Filezilla 3.5.3 (and older) when using it on Mac OS X: If you edit two files with different capitalization FileZilla get's confused and in worst case it overwrites the wrong file.

  1. Create a Test.txt and a test.txt in different directories (A and B) on the server
  2. Write click on both files and chose "View/Edit".
  3. Edit Test.txt and save it.
  4. FileZilla notices the change and asks if it should upload test.txt in A and then it asks again if it should upload Test.txt in A. So afterwards you have a test.txt and a Test.txt in Folder A.

Unfortunately I can't reproduce how it overwrites the file but it clearly happens as my style.css and Style.css got messed up two times! And as you can see with the 4 steps I described there seems to be a problem somewhere.

AFAIK the problem doesn't occur in Windows!

#12871 invalid DLL Hijacking Bilal Qureshi Bilal Qureshi

DLL Hijacking vulnerability is discovered in latest version of FileZilla Client which is 3.63.1 which allows an attacker to gain access, execute arbitrary code via crafted DLL.

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