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#7875 duplicate Upper and lower case problems in FileZilla and OS X Big_Berny

I notices a huge bug in Filezilla 3.5.3 (and older) when using it on Mac OS X: If you edit two files with different capitalization FileZilla get's confused and in worst case it overwrites the wrong file.

  1. Create a Test.txt and a test.txt in different directories (A and B) on the server
  2. Write click on both files and chose "View/Edit".
  3. Edit Test.txt and save it.
  4. FileZilla notices the change and asks if it should upload test.txt in A and then it asks again if it should upload Test.txt in A. So afterwards you have a test.txt and a Test.txt in Folder A.

Unfortunately I can't reproduce how it overwrites the file but it clearly happens as my style.css and Style.css got messed up two times! And as you can see with the 4 steps I described there seems to be a problem somewhere.

AFAIK the problem doesn't occur in Windows!

#5372 worksforme Public access to download files unrestricted Blair

Hi FileZilla Support, I have searched high and low and tried to figure out the settings on how I can make these changes as follows: We are a construction company that posts PDF files for numerous construction projects. I understand your software to create and post the documents. What I am struggling with is on the public domain side. We want our trades to go to the source FTP link and download the documents freely without asking for a username and password. Is there a way to do this. Your help is greatly appreciated in this problem we are having. Thank you in advance of solving this problem. Regards, Blair

#12296 fixed HMA VPN installed without consent? Blake

I noticed today an HMA VPN shortcut on my desktop. I did not install it.

Checking its directory in C:\Program Files, I find that it appeared on October 6. That is when I launched FileZilla after not having used it for a while. It prompted me to download and install an update to FileZilla, which I did.

Was HMA VPN bundled with that within-app update?

Thank you, Blake

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