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#814 Is this possible?? Alexander Schuch nn_jackflash


We are using FileZilla Server 0.9.3 for some testing in a lab environment. We have a second site that is FTP'ing files to the FileZilla server and once complete the client software (non-filezilla s/w) move the files to a done folder. We have encountered a situation where the client software reports that files have been sent but the filezilla server shows the files received roughly an hour later. Is this possible on the server side or would it appear to be a problem at the client side. I have attached a copy of the log file for a 3 hour period. The user name in question is "d_dsour_nc04". If you search the log file, d_dsour_nc04 logs in at 10:35:18 and dumps a file off, and then the next time that d_dsour_nc04 appears in the log is not until 11:35:36. The client machine shows that file where sent during this 1 hour period.

Tell me we are not going crazy...



#817 wontfix Slow local list view when network drive Alexander Schuch pgerstbach

The local list view is extremly slow when using a network drive. Switching between directories needs some 1-3 seconds, which is much slower than the remote side via FTP!

I have this problem on a Windows XP SP2 while the network drive is a Linux samba share.

Version FileZilla 2.2.10 (but I remember, it was that slow in many versions before)

#820 FileZilla Server incredibly slow Alexander Schuch prezla

FileZilla Server 0.9.5 is incredibly slow. I was running it for and FTP server, but have since swapped it out for WARFTPd because of the following performance numbers (notice that FileZilla is almost 3 times slower than WARFTPd, and Microsoft FTP is only about 1 sec slower than WARFTPd):

FileZilla Server 0.9.5:

ftp> get catalog.pdf 200 Port command successful 150 Opening data channel for file transfer. 226 Transfer OK ftp: 42509572 bytes received in 18.24Seconds 2330.95Kbytes/sec.

Microsoft FTP Server 5.1 (XP):

ftp> get catalog.pdf 200 PORT command successful. 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for catalog.pdf(42509572 bytes). 226 Transfer complete. ftp: 42509572 bytes received in 8.14Seconds 5221.02Kbytes/sec.

WARFTPd 1.82.00-RC10:

ftp> get catalog.pdf 200 PORT command successful. 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for catalog.pdf (42509572 bytes). 226 Transfer complete. 42509572 bytes in 7.00 sec. (5930.465 Kb/s) ftp: 42509572 bytes received in 6.99Seconds 6080.61Kbytes/sec.

My platform is: Intel Pentium III 933 512 MB RAM Microsoft Windows XP SP2

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